writing observations

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Writing positive observations about Elora looks like the example


(Elora’s Observations) The task role Michael Alaa played that was most significant was the “opinion seeker.” He asked questions to gather all the information before making suggestions during group planning. Several times he clarified what we were doing and how we were going to accomplish it. He also played the role of the follower during the scavenger hunt. He went with the flow and was like an audience and listened to what everyone had to say. The group level behaviors that I noticed were that someone would suggest an idea, and the group would vote on whether they wanted to go along with that suggestion or not. Our current stage of group development is team norms. We haven’t been a team for very long, so we are still working out our shared expectations for the group. We do, however, have a psychological contract that lays out most of these rules, but we are still working on the informal ones. Our team building activity was the scavenger hunt. We had to work together and communicate as a team to find all the objects on our list.

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