400-500 words

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Your individual projects will make up a sizable portion of your overall grade (30%), so make sure you plan accordingly and spend a good amount of time on this.

Damage Control


You own a small business that provides long-term leases on various sized storage spaces. Recently, there has been a string of break-ins at one of your facilities and some customers have had property stolen. This obviously doesn’t make your company look good, so you need to come up with a viable course of action. You decide to hire part-time security personnel to work at each of the four facilities that you own. Unfortunately, you need to raise the monthly cost of storage lockers by 20% across the board to pay the guards.

Components of this Project:

You need to write a letter that will be distributed to each of your customers explaining the price increases.

Choose the appropriate letter to accomplish this.

This letter should be 400-500 words in length.

Construct an internal memo to distribute to your employees explaining the current business situation and how they should handle customer inquiries.

Use memo format

This letter should be 400-500 words in length.

Design a document (poster, for example) that serves as a guide to what the new security employees should be aware of when patrolling.

You have a lot of flexibility here. Feel free to use whatever design elements you see fit to create an effective document.

This should be approximately two pages in length and contain a healthy mix of both text and design.

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