Case Study – Individual or Team Reward

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Individual or Team Reward

The goal of this Case Study is to analyze the incentive plan scenario at Metropolitan Furniture and to recommend an incentive plan that would address their requirements. In order to accomplish this assignment you will need to review the case and refer to the materials covered in the chapter and lesson.

Case summary and questions can be found on page 98 of the text.

  • Review the case summary
  • Answer the three questions

Exercise Guidelines:

  • Name and Student ID number (last four numbers) should be typed and appear at the top of the page
  • Page Topic: “Case Study – CS4.1 – Individual or Team Reward” should appear under the student name
  • Minimum of one (1) page and no more than 2 (two) pages MS Word doc.
  • MS Word doc., typed in an Arial 10 point font, single spaced
  • Well written, no spelling errors or incomplete sentences
  • If appropriate, include citations
  • Answer the questions being asked in a direct and thorough manner
  • The quality of the response is more important than the length

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