Complete 2 Short English Discussions

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In this forum, you will be analyzing Yeats’s poetry. Central to the discussion will be The Second Coming together with one other poem of your choice, from the ones listed in the Gutenberg site in the required reading section. In your main thread, discuss the following:

  • How does Yeats’s vision of the Second Coming differ from the vision that Christians believe? How do you account for the difference?
  • How does the concept of geometry, particularly the gyre, apply to the Second Coming and the poem you have selected? Which poem seems to make the most of the gyre? Account for your answer.

Develop a substantive main thread addressing each part of the prompt in full. Your initial thread should be three paragraphs in length (200+ words) and provide textual evidence. You should provide at least one direct quote from the source formatted in MLA Style.


In this critical thinking exercise, you will focus on Joyce’s Araby. This short story is well-known for its various unanswered questions, prominent among them the boy’s unstated epiphany. In order to understand the deeper meaning of the story, it is essential to compare and contrast fantasy vs. reality as it is presented in Araby. Focusing on concepts related to early modernism, what do you think this says about the deeper meaning of the story? Also, what is one of the unanswered questions that most resonated with you? What possible interpretation would you offer to answer that question?

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