E-marketing Objectives Analysis

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My company is Dell

objectives analysis based on its Web presence and online value proposition. Remember that a Web presence may include not only a Web site, but blogs or social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

Describe and evaluate evidence of “sell, serve, speak, save, and sizzle” objectives that you find. For instance, a “sell” objective may be to achieve a given number of direct sales on a Web site. What evidence can you find that will lead to a direct sale on the site? What can be improved on the site to achieve more sales? Remember that an objective can be supported through a call to action that makes up the first step toward a sale. An example cited in the textbook is the free DVD call to action on the Ultralase Web site (linked in Resources). (Chaffey & Smith, 2017, p. 25).

Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document containing 600–800 words

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