find an article and write a summary and ask some quasions about the article.

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This discussion will be ongoing for the duration of the term. You will have to find an interesting article that no one else has posted and moderate the discussion. Be sure to check back often and get engaged. This would be just like being in the classroom and talking about advertising news.

It is your responsibility to find an article and post as a new thread to the discussion at any time. It is also your responsibility to get engaged with the discussion. See the attached rubric. You will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Original current event post.To receive full credit, the article is relevant and interesting and post relates the material to the course. Properly cite the article in APA format in the post as well as at the end. May include additional research or articles. Asks questions that encourage participation in the discussion.
  • Responding and encouraging discussion to your post. To receive full credit, respond to comments within 48 hours and follows up completely. Continue the dialog by asking additional questions AND using additional supporting material. The discussion comes “full circle” meaning the discussion is complete and there are no questions unanswered.
  • Participation in other current event post discussions. To receive full credit, participate in at least 8 additional discussions by asking questions, relating personal experiences, or using additional supporting material in responses.
  • Frequency and timing of your participation. To receive full credit, participate in discussions at least one time every week.

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