information system management

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please read the case study first, and choose one case to answer the case study questions and then Submit a work proposal for this case study which must include the following:

The report should have 5000-6000 words approximately. Each answer should have 1000-1200 words

* Selection of Case Study

* Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables

* General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all the tasks

* Resources identified

* Each student will submit the Case Study work proposal in the form of word

Provide the following information in the report:

 Description of all cases relevant to the chosen case study

 Appropriate details with example(s) should be provided

 The literature should be correct, accurate and up to the date

 Diagrams, tables, figures, metrics etc. can be provided

 Appropriate number of Harvard style references should be provided

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