Legal Research Written Assignment – Related Sources

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NEEDS to be 1-2 pages long, APA Format, if needed the state is MN the BOOK for the class is Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing

Kathryn L. Myers

1. Research services

List four research services from your readings and from the video for this module. Include and its competitors.

List at least three features of each research service.

Make a personal comment on what you think of each service.

2. Two types of legal sources available are administrative rules and cases. List at least four other types of legal sources available and classify them as primary sources of the law or secondary sources.

3. Get specific. Two specific legal sources are Florida Statutes Annotated and AmJur2d. List at least five legal sources you have used and state whether that source has, or does not have, a table of contents.

4. A citator is not a legal citation. A citator finds where a legal case or statute has been cited in later cases. An example of a citator is Shepard’s Citations, also called the Shepardize tool in

List at least two of the other citators that are provided by legal research services, such as Westlaw, LoislawConnect, and Fastcase. If the citator does not have a brand name, list it by the name of the legal research service.

Why might you use a citator?

5. What is a headnote in a case? Are they prepared by the court or by the research service? Name two legal research services that provide headnotes.

Why might you use headnotes?

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