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Comment on below 2posts, 2 3 lines is enough with refrences.

1) “The organization that I had interned before in the past also had a great organizational codes of conduct in order to maintain the proper code of ethics and culture in the company. The organizational codes of conduct had been good but there were some employees who used to unfollow the company’s basic rule and culture. The top level management and the middle level management had set the proper culture and norms in the organization about the proper work schedule, uniforms, communication methods, time management and utilization of leisure time etc. In the organization most of the employees used to be within the boundary of the organizational ethics but some of the employees used to violate the norm saying that they were not paid the top salary or promoted to the other roles in the company. Some of the employees used to be late in the work and still would not follow the management rules. The large number of employees in the company would also make difficult for the management to check the clock-in time of the employees, however. There also used to be the training and sessions for the ethics and the organizational culture in order to provide the awareness among all of the employees in the organization. Although it would benefit the organization as a whole, there would still be some flaws among some of the employees not to adhere the organizational ethics and neglect them.”

2)I once worked for an organization that required employees to take an online reading and quiz for their ethical code, employees had to get a passing grade which would give them a certificate at the end. They where much more efficient with their ethics training and this allowed them to have a clear understanding with their employees in case something wrong happened that would threaten the company the responsible employee would be fired. This organizations ethical code held all employees to a standard of excellence when it came to ethics. We even had online training on sexual abuse and how to handle documents and sensitive data. The organization I work for currently is small and does not have the financial banking to invest in online trainings on their ethical codes. Their training is more face to face with employees as they come in the company. We generally train them and give them as much information on the integrity policies of our company and how we operate. I do not think this is necessarily a great way to train since co-workers usually forget after we train them then they don’t have to see us again for training until the next business year.

Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2018 suggests that for those that we must identify the situational factors that keep employees from doing their best and eliminate them whenever we can. The training program we have implemented on having employees complete twenty four training hours every calender year is good since we make it an obligation for them to refresh their minds on the company compliance policy. Our organization has a set chain of command that allows employees to voice their concerns whenever they arise while in the field dealing with our consumers. This allows the strengthening of the psychological contract between the employee and the employer. Fairness is a significant part of the psychological contract, employees need to perceive that they’re being treated fairly to sustain a healthy psychological contract. (Nakahara, S, 2014)

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