Supply Chain Strategy and Competitive Priority Essay

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Supply chain strategy is a long-term plan for the design and management of all supply chain decisions that support the business strategy. Accordingly, the design of a supply chain strategy will differ based on the how a company intends to compete in the market.


For your essay:

  • Provide examples of companies that compete on each of the five competitive priorities described in Chapter 2 of the textbook.

1. Cost

2. Time

3. Innovation

4. Quality

5. Service

  • Explain how their supply chain strategies are different based on their specific competitive priority.
  • Select one of the examples and explain how the company would need to change its supply chain strategy if it shifted its competitive priority.

Be sure to include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and references. Provide sufficient background information and clearly explain your responses to each question. Excluding your title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference pages, this essay assignment should be at least 3 pages.

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