Week 2 Discussion Goals of Psychology, psychology homework help

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Goals of Psychology

  • The first goal of psychology is to describe the different ways that organisms behave.
    • Observe events and behaviors, then look at how events might be related.
  • The second goal of psychology is to explain the causes of behavior.
    • Predict what events or behaviors may occur, based on their relationship.
  • The third goal of psychology is to predict how organisms will behave in certain situations.
    • Suggest and test an explanation (in the form of a hypothesis).
  • For some psychologists, the fourth goal of psychology is to control an organism’s behavior.
    • By explaining and understanding the causes of behavior, psychologists can create programs or treatments to control or change the behaviors.

The idea of control can be seen both positively and negatively. In what ways can it be positive? In what ways can it be viewed negatively?

Before answering this question, make sure to review the information about ethics in psychological research. Aim to incorporate information focused on the concepts of informed consent, deception and debriefing.

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