Worship Resource Directory

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Part 1:

You will compile an annotated resource directory outlining and summarizing worship resources identified throughout the course. The directory must be divided into the following categories and include a minimum of 20 entries per category:

  • Worship Administration Resources;
  • Christian Music Publishers;
  • Video Equipment Resources;
  • Audio Equipment Resources;
  • Video Equipment Providers (e.g., backgrounds, mini movies);
  • Orchestral/Worship Band Resources;
  • Video Projection Software;
  • Children’s Music Resources;
  • Student Music Resources;
  • Worship Blogs;
  • Resources for Seasonal Productions; and
  • General Worship Resources.

Throughout the course, many of the resources will be identified through lectures and/or reading. Additional research will be required to identify additional vendors and publishers to complete the directory.

Part 2:

You are required to contact a minimum of 5 publishers to secure preview packets of new materials. These packets will include sample copies of new music and demonstration recordings. These preview packets can be secured by calling or emailing the publisher and requesting a packet for use in this course. Once the packets are received, you must compile a listing of the various materials contained in each packet and then write a 2–3-paragraph summary of how the resources can be used in a local church setting.

The total length of the paper must be 18–20 pages.

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