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As mentioned in “How Not To Die” and actually in many of the videos we have been watching, it informs us that many diseases and health issues don’t have to be cured by doctors on a surgery table or by prescription medicine given to us. In fact, many health issues that humans develop can be reversed by eating a plant based diet. Meat has a lot of heme iron and other harmful qualities which can cause an increase in cancer risks. The body can only handle a certain amount of protein before it can no longer break it down in your colon. This can turn into colon cancer down the road. Meat and dairy products can also build plaque in your arteries which can eventually give you a heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure. Meat and diary consumption come with big risks to our health. However, the nutrition guidelines that should be informing the public about all this, don’t want to because they don’t want to “upset” the public. The health guidelines were going to let it be known that meat consumption should go down by a lot, but these meat companies made it a point to get that line excluded and even to have the group who thought of this disbanded (Gregor, pg 27). Michael Gregor has also mentioned in chapter 1 that many companies such as McDonald’s and other food companies paid a lot of money to be included in the health guidelines (Gregor, pg 27). Therefore, money and making a profit was and continues to be more important in this capitalistic society, than the health of its public. Therefore, this one of the many barriers that helps prevent many citizens from adopting a plant based diet. Many people aren’t informed of a better way, and even if they were they are already so knee deep in these unhealthy eating habits, that they probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

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