choose a product and create a User Manual 1-3 pages of MS Word doc

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Do not choose a TV that one simply turns on and shuts off and moves volume and channel up and down.

Consider an items that has do’s and don’t’s or requires that operating steps have an order or the process is altered (Warning Steps). Perhaps a Vacuum cleaner and include changing the bag or emptying the dust container, or an espresso maker that you cannot unscrew the water tank during operation, or a printer and include changing the ink cartridge. NOTE: You MAY not copy the User Manual that already exists for that product. YOU MUST generate an original one. However, you can use photos or graphics that are from its website or free clip art, or your own photos of the item. (VIEW ATTACHMENTS BEFORE COMPLETING)

To write a user manual, take these steps:

1. Summary – What the product is; what it does.
2. Product Description – What the product consists of.
3. Operating Instructions – How to use the produce.
4. Trouble Shooting – How to remedy a problem.

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To begin preparing for your User Manual assignment, use the following questions listed below.

Analyzing Technical Instructions Exercise to ready yourself for writing your own set of instructions.

Choose a written technical instructions page from a produce of your choice. Analyze this set of instructions for the following items. Take notes as you consider:

1. Audience Who is the audience for the instructions? How do you know?
2. Purpose What are the instructions helping the audience do or create?
3. Rate Instructions—Easy vs. Difficult Are these instructions easy for the audience to use? Why or Why not?
4. Effective vs. Ineffective Elements Identify both good and bad parts of instructions.
5. Visual Appeal How does the set of instructions look? What about its the look and design that is effective or ineffective for the audience?
6. Language What kind of language does the document use? Is it appropriate for the audience? Give examples.

Now, as you develop YOUR (Original) user manual for a product/process of your choice (you can use a process if it involves some sort of product, even if it is a software product), ask yourself those SAME 6 questions.

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