cover letter

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I want cover letter for applying to full time job or part time job

I want four paragraphs

First paragraph: Why you are writing

In your initial paragraph, state the reason for the letter, name the specific position or type of work for which you are applying, and indicate from which resource (indeed, news media ) you learned of the opening.

Second and third paragraphs: why you are qualified

Indicate why you are interested in position, the company, its products or service and, above all, what you can do for the employer.

Highlight your practical work experience, specific achievements, and unique qualifications. Refer the reader to your enclosed resume, which summaries your qualifications, training, and experience.

Fourth paragraph: What you want

In the closing paragraph, indicate your desire for a personal interview and your flexibility regarding the time and place. Let the employer know how and when you can be contacted. Repeat your telephone number and email in the letter.


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