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I. Answer the following questions, based on the material in Chapter 8, User Interface Design.

  1. Explain Apple’s view of user interface design, especially for apps.
  2. List the eight main guidelines for user interface design. How would you rank them in order of
    importance? Explain your answer.
  3. What are input masks? What are validation rules? Why are they important?
  4. How has input technology changed in recent years? Provide examples of traditional, evolving, and
    emerging input technology.

Able Communications

Able Communications is a leading cable service provider in a metropolitan area. The new customer bill-
ing system has caused an increase in complaints. Zoe Valine, the office manager, asked you to investigate
the situation. After interviewing data entry operators and observing the online data input process, you
are fairly certain that most errors occur when data is entered.


  1. Write a brief memo to Zoe explaining the importance of data validation during the input
  2. Suggest at least three specific data validation checks that might help reduce input errors.
  3. Would a batch input system offer any advantages? Write a brief memo to Zoe stating your views.
  4. Suppose that Able Communications is predicting 25% annual growth, on a current base of 90,000
    customers. If the growth pattern holds, how many customers will Able have in three years? If it
    takes about 12 minutes to enter a new customer into the system, how many additional data entry
    operators will be needed to handle the growth next year? Assume that an operator works about
    2,000 hours per year. Also assume a 30% annual attrition rate for existing customers.

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