i want from someone write Memo.

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Now that your team has collected some preliminary research, it is time for each member of the group to select a potential solution to the problem faced by your team. Overall, the problem is simply that the members of your team are spread out over the world and cannot meet regularly. There are a variety of other problems that might stem from this, though: miscommunication about project goals and deadlines, multiple circulating drafts that are difficult to keep up with, confusion about what is required of each team member, and final drafts that feel like they were written by multiple confused, frustrated people, just to name a few.

Your purpose is to recommend a potential software application or suite of applications that will help implement these (Such as Google Drive, Zoho, Basecamp, Dropbox, Asana, Igloo, etc.) Your team will eventually be selecting one of these to write your longer proposal about, but for now, pick one that looks promising. Focus on solutions that are either free or offer free trials so that you can try out the software before you write about it.

The memo should be formatted so that it contains the most important information first, contains skimmable sections, provides enough information to make a preliminary decision, and should be relatively error-free.

Memos should run 250-500 words (single-spaced, memo format).

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab has an online memo-writing tutorialLinks to an external site. if you’ve never written a memo before.

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