800+ word Essay on the videogame: God of War (2018)

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Hi, here is the prompt I received from my teacher (geeky person but I love it). PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND ENSURE YOU CAN EXECUTE THE ESSAY PROPERLY, WILL BE PAID WELL IF DONE SO! :

Write about an assigned book, movie, video game, or TV show from the provided list to analyze in a 800+ word essay. What narrative techniques, masterplots and images are deployed to make this fiction so effective?

Video Game assigned: God of War (2018) (make sure not to write about the previous God of War games, but the new one released on 4/20/18. References to the aforementioned old God of War games is fine to explain points.

PLEASE exhibit a mastery of the source material/show knowledge on the videogame. It would help you greatly in writing the assignment. Furthermore, noting in the essay how Norse mythology maps/is applied to the game would be helpful (Similarities, differences, etc..) in addition to the main question prompt. Use these sources below (AND MORE) as reference material to refresh/augment your memory of the videogame:



https://www.amazon.com/God-War-Official-Novelizati… (Buying the book would help a lot, from Amazon or elsewhere to map out the game’s story for the essay)

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