about Lexus

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write about lexus car Company, you can read my proposal to have an idea, the instruction are in the attachment. please follow the instruction carfully



This is a type of automobile company that is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation. The company produces various car models that are of high quality.

Vision statement

The vision statement of Lexus company clearly states its long-term strategic plan in the automobile industry. The statement indicates the objective of Lexus Inc. to lead the global automobile market. The vision statement emphasizes on quality, innovation, and the need to conserve the environment.

Mission statement

The mission statement of Lexus Inc. emphasizes on making vehicles that are popular among the customers. This mission is holistic and is in line with the vision of the company. The mission statement also incorporates strategic actions of the company. It is important to note that the mission statement of this company emphasizes on the quality of products and customer satisfaction.

Planning and analysis

This is mainly done by the management of the company. The responsibility of decision-making lies on the top managers and directors.

The Supply Chain and Production Process

This involves the physical flow of the products from the company to the final consumer. The vehicle parts are produced by the suppliers, and then transported to the assembly plant within the factory. While in the assembly plant, the vehicle is constructed into proper shape, painted, and then it is ready for inspection. After this process, the vehicle is then transported to dealers who link directly with the customers.


The company has maintained high sales throughout its years of operation. It also enjoys high customer retention rates, unlike its main competitors.

Employee skills

Since the company is mainly involved in the assembling of vehicles, its workers are mostly experienced in aspects related to car engines. The skills of assembling vehicle parts are vital in this company.

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