compare and contrast – 1500 words

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Your report will compare and contrast each organization, addressing the following topics:

1 The organization’s business model

2 The organization’ vision and values

3 The organization’s mission statement

4 The organization’s ownership structure and corporate governance

5 The organization’s location and facilities

6 The organization’s management team

7. The organization’s structure

8. The organization’s financial profile (Revenue and expenses; assets and liabilities)

9. Briefly discuss each organization’s history and describe important stages in their organizational growth and the major challenges confronted in each of those stages

10 Describe the management practices employed by each organization during each growth stage and discuss how appropriate they were in facilitating positive transition between each stage

11Provide a brief summary of each organization’s current growth strategy

12 Suggest possible new intrapreneurship opportunities and strategies for each organization (that have not been mentioned above)

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