Integrative Paper On Interview with Grandmother

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The grandmother is African-American and is 67 years old. Just make it up with these details and help me get started, I don’t need the paper literally done, I just need help getting started if you wouldn’t mind? The final paper in which I will have to write is around 8 pages at least 3-4 pages will suffice so just do a little on each section and I will be good to go in helping me get started, thanks

Part 1: Developmental Theorist and Concepts

List and clearly define the developmental concepts from theories, which you believe are relevant to comprehending your participant’s narrative. These concepts should be clearly defined (appropriately noting the source). These will provide the theoretical framework for your developmental narrative in Part 3 of this paper.

Part 2: Narrative

a. This assignment requires that you identify a participant, and request their participation with this assignment. Based on these interviews, write a narrative of your participant’s life, describing the person’s life over time: (infancy; early childhood; late childhood; adolescence); with particular emphasis on young adulthood; and middle and older adulthood. It may be helpful to create a lifetime line, with major events listed, such as births, moves, traumas, changes in family composition, employment, graduation, etc.

b. Describe key relationships, affiliations, and experiences, and how these influenced your participant’s development at each stage. Encourage your participant to explore memories of things they enjoyed along the way, along with challenges faced, and difficulties, if they choose to share these with you.

c. Most people do not recall their earliest years. Your participant may have impressions of his or her infancy and early childhood based on the stories of others, or photographs, etc. You may write about these stages based on what your participant believes about her or his development.

d. You may ask for stories told about the family’s journey to the U.S., even if this occurred generations ago, or other family stories. You may also prompt your participant for information about periods of their life that they have not mentioned. However, it is your participant’s story, and if the person chooses to ignore or leave out periods, do not challenge the person for information.

Part 3: Theoretical Interpretation

This section of the paper asks you to apply the concepts you selected in Part 1 to your developmental narrative. Use these concepts as a framework for interpreting the developmental stages you described in Part 3. Remember also to emphasize strengths and cultural context issues. You must use APA style.


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