middle age allegory analysis assignment chart, State the political or moral message of the tale

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Middle Ages Allegory Analysis Assignment Chart

Directions: Choose two of the three tales and complete the following:

  • State the political or moral message of the tale. Then, locate evidence to support the claim regarding the chosen message. Provide in-text citations. Then, explain how the chosen evidence supports the claim.
  • Provide the names of the conflicting characters and state their conflict. Include in-text citations.
  • State how personification appears in the text. Locate evidence to support the use of personification. Include in-text citations.
  • State the theme of the tale. Beneath the chosen theme, provide specific evidence from the allegory and in-text citations that support the chosen theme. Explain how the evidence supports the chosen theme.

Title of Elegy

Political/Moral Stance

Conflicting Characters


Underlying Message or Theme

Choice of Tale #1

Choice of Tale #2

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