press release, media alert , event fact sheet

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Write a press release and a fact sheet as detailed, to publicize the unveiling unveiling its newest car, the Halooz Cobra V8 on November 30 , at the dubai autodrome

I will attach file that has information about company and its car and I will also attach a powerpoint that says how to write a press release and a fact sheet further more every sentence SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 20 WORDS AND SHOULD BE IN ACTIVE NOT PASSIVE VOICE

The presentations are there to help you know how to write and the word doc is the information that needs to be used while in the media alert you can add sponsors and who of your choice

the press release is 4 paragraphs

paragraph one: is 6 to 8 sentences that answers 5 question what , where , why , who ,when and how and important facts.

Paragraph 2 is 4-6 sentences that has the key background information

Paragraph 3 is 2-4 sentences that add additional facts to the once in paragraph 1

Paragraph 4 is 2 sentences that has the ending.

The event fact sheet is a page

the media alert is a page

please ask me if there is any further information you need to know

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