the short story The Three Wishes, English homework help

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Please review the 3 attachments. Need to do a critical review essay of the short story The Three Wishes.

1. Prewrite and organize ideas using the critical review worksheet attached using the model as a guideline.

2. Prepare a critical review that includes all the elements named below:

A main claim about 1 or more works offering an evaluation or interpretation of them

A well developed argument in support of the main claim

Ample relevent evidence in support of the main claim including text evidence such a quotations and paraphrases of the works

An analysis of literary elements in the works such as characters, plots or themes

Supporting claims, arguments and evaluations that demonstrate insight

The 1st paragraph introduces the argument. In the body paragraphs, focus on summarizing the works and supporting your argument with evidence including quotes and paraphrasing. Offer a conclusion in the closing paragraph and refer to initial argument and offer opinion.

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