Write four 30-second voicer (story with just a reporter speaking) using the following sets of information

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Drinking Bill

State Legislature just finished marathon debate; 30 straight hours in the Senate, 30 hours in the House

Bill would raise drinking age in the state from 19 to 21

Bill passed by House, 55-40, early today; passed by Senate, 18-12, yesterday

Bill sponsored by local legislator, Representative Tom Hartley

Honor Society

Alpha Alpha,university honor society, to hold inductions next Friday

Five sophomores, 20 juniors, 10 seniors will be named

Names will be kept secret until ceremony

Ceremony will be at 10 a.m. at student center

Theft Investigation

Police chief Clayton Wheat, at press conference this morning

Talks about department’s continuing investigation into auto theft ring

Says ring responsible for 200 to 300 auto thefts in city last year

Says investigation has been expanded into surrounding counties

Industry Returning

Local group of investors led by First Trust Bank president Joe E.Jamison

Announcement made this morning

Buying abandoned Lochs Papermill plant

Investor to team up with Textron Corp. to start a machine tool plant

Refurbishing the plant will take about a year

When machine tool plant is opened, it will employ about 200 people

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