Oral healthcare delivery in residential care facility, health and medicine homework help

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Topic of interest: Improvement of healthcare delivery in senior facility .

Use the outline to answer each article

Article 1: Oral healthcare delivery in residential care facility.

Article 2: improving healthcare literacy.

Article 3: what was accessed using the review, is the services ,safety patients degree of satisfaction

Article 4: open public health facilities have to be improved since predicated on the organized questioner demonstrated negative result towards healthcare .


1. Summary

2. Strengths of article

3. Weakness of article

4. Validity -yes/no why/why not.

5. Reliability -yes/no why/why not.

6. Tie in how the article ties to your topic

7. Recommendation

8. Impact on patients, providers, third party payers and legislation.

create 4 PowerPoint slides that summarize your conclusions and future direction based on the synthesis and evaluation of the research literature related to your topic of interest and area of application or function related to healthcare.

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