Prepared 2 A4 Two Sided cheat sheet for me

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The final exam, as stated in the course guide, is a limited text exam. You are only allowed the following in the exam venue:

  • You are only allowed to bring two double-sided A4 papers in the exam venue. You can write or print anything on the two A4 papers (it is equivalent to 4 pages length).
  • 8 mins ago


    • All topics (1-9) are examinable.
    • The exam will be weighted at 40% of your overall assessment.
    • Exam will be made up of only one section: containing five Calculation/Discussion questions;
    • Each question will have sub-parts, section is worth (5 questions x 8 marks each =) 40 marks in total;
    • All questions are compulsory.

    I need you to prepare two double-sided A4 papers of notes for me. I will send you the slides

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