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Individual Writing Assignments should include the following:

Name of the Article


Name of the magazine or journal that the article was published in

Date of publication (No older than 18 months from the start of the semester)

Page numbers that the article appeared on

The Individual Writing Assignments should be organized to include the following sections:

Summary of the article

How the topic described in the article relates to Cost and Managerial Accounting

Your opinion of the article (i.e. is this an informative article, how useful can it be, etc. what other issues may exist related to the subject of the article)

What you learned from reading and analyzing the article / what you learned specifically about cost and managerial accounting as a result of the article

Individual Writing Assignments should be 1-2 pages single spaced

Subject of the article can be on any topic covered this semester (For example; job-order costing, activity-based costing, budgeting, ethics, etc.). Review the chapter titles from the text.

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