Writing in my major Draft

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“Writing in My Major” Assignment

Draft for critique.

Please Use The book: Building Bridges through Writing By Trixie G. Smith & Allison D. Smith

The chapter you are supposed to use for my major writing is Chapter 9 Writing in the Healht Science


Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) courses attempt to analyze the types of writing done within each major and, ultimately, aid students in achieving a high level of major-specific writing skills. This approach to writer development is an important component of WAC and is usually labeled as Writing in the Disciplines (WID). The belief behind WID is as follows: the more students are able to develop major-specific writing skills, the more prepared they will be to enter the workforce within their chosen field. Your task, as a member of this class (and, consequently, of the Writing Across the Curriculum movement), is to examine the types of writing being done within your major and to develop a clear list of writing skills that graduates in your chosen major should possess upon entering the workforce.

Getting Started:

Before beginning your research, write down your current understanding of writing within your discipline.

Use these questions to guide your prewriting:

  1. What types of documents need to be produced in your major-specific classes?
  2. What types of documents are used in jobs related to your major?
  3. What are the main writing skills that students need to develop to succeed in your major?


Follow these steps in order to complete your investigation:

  1. Read the Table of Contents in your Building Bridges through Writing Handbook. Find the subject that most clearly represents your major and read that chapter. Take notes on the types of writing and the writing skills that the authors of this textbook mention are important for your chosen field.
  2. Find and review 2-3 syllabi from classes you’ve had in your major (if you have not had 2-3 classes in your major yet you can do an internet search for sample syllabi in your major or ask a friend/professor to view syllabi that they have used). Take notes on the type of writing assignments used in the courses and the specific writing skills needed to complete the writing assignments well. I have posted a Syllabi as an attachement.

3. Find the Program Outcomes for your specific major at NIU at the following website:

Which outcomes seem writing-specific? What types of writing does your major expect you to be familiar with upon graduation?

  1. Find a video on YouTube that features a professor or professional who discusses writing at the academic and/or professional level.

Format: Write a 3-4 page (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced) paper that

describes writing in your major based on your investigation.

Your paper should include answers to the following questions, in paragraph format:

  1. What were your initial impressions of writing within your major before you started your investigation? What forms of writing and particular writing skills did you feel were important? (consult and revise the getting started activity)
  2. How did your investigation confirm/alter/reshape your initial impressions of writing in your major?
  3. What were the most common forms of writing and skills needed that were repeated throughout your source investigation? Which sources did you find the most helpful in explaining these forms or skills?
  4. What advice would you give an undergraduate student in your major about writing within your discipline? What writing skills do you feel are most necessary to develop during a course of study within your major?
  5. Be sure to include a bibliography page in the format appropriate to your major.

Criteria For Evaluation:

The final grade for your paper will be awarded based on your ability to answer the questions listed above (under “Format”).

Points will be distributed throughout the paper in the following manner:

  1. Initial impressions of writing in your major prior to investigation (15 points possible)
  2. Explanation of how investigation confirmed, altered, or reshaped your initial impressions (15 points possible)
  3. Explanation of the most common forms of writing and skills needed within your discipline that were found during your investigation, along with discussion of the most helpful sources (30 points possible)
  4. Well-thought out and applicable advice to an undergraduate student in your major about writing within your discipline and the skills needed to succeed in your field (20 points possible)
  5. Overall structure and coherence of the essay, making sure your thoughts flow from one paragraph to the next along with attention to proofreading and grammar (10 points possible)
  6. Correctly formatted bibliography for your major/discipline.

(10 points possible)

Total: 100 Points Possible

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