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“Experimental Psychology – Change Blindness” expands on the limits people have to encoding and that less of our memory is from what we see visually than many would think. Please use elaborative responses and complete sentences to address the following questions:

What would be a reasonable hypothesis would be for the “Asking for Directions” experiment?
Describe the method of testing the hypothesis shown in the video (Please reference the “Asking for Directions” experiment in your response to this question).
What conclusions did the researchers draw from the data?
Use the LEARN approach to analyze the researcher’s experimental methods, design, and conclusions.

Type your answers in a 500-600 word double-spaced Word document.


View the link.

Further research demonstrating fundamental difference in perceptions based upon cultures is one study in which Japanese and US students were shown an animated underwater scene with one large fish swimming among smaller fishes and other aquatic life. When asked to describe the scene, Americans tended to report the large fish and ignored other small objects. On the other hand, Japanese people described about aspects of the background environment and relationships between animate and inanimate objects much more than Americans did. This showed the visual focuses of the two cultures are very different.

Consider this research, as well as insights Ben Bogart makes about what is culturally normal, as you answer the questions that follow.

Write 500-600 words discussing the following:

How might our perceptions differ from those of someone with a different cultural background or perspective?

What kind of experiences would lead to differences in cultural perspectives? Provide a specific example of how two people may behave differently in the same situation based on cultural experiences or differing perceptions. **Please ensure your example is original and not connected to the assignment video and/or the course ebook.

Would different perceptions resulting from cultural differences be a result of bottom-up or top-down processing? Explain your answer and include an example which demonstrates your understanding of the concepts bottom-up and/or top-down processing.

How would acknowledging different cultural perspectives be useful in your own personal and/or work life?

Submit your response in 500-600 word double-spaced APA format responses. You are not required to use sources, but if you do reference any research, you should cite your sources. Your assignment will be graded based on the Written Assignment Rubric.

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