GOV 2305 Chapter 6 Discussion

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Your post should include a link to a scholarly or news article and a statement about your link relating it to the course topic

  • DO NOT just post a link with no explanation. This will not be counted for points. Specifically tell us how your article relates to the text/topic.
  • Your post should include a link to a news article or scholarly article addressing the topic. You can pick an article related to anything in the text chapter we are covering that week.
  • The links should be recent. If it’s a news site, it should be in the last month. Scholarly articles can be older.
  • I’m pretty open to the types of news sites you use, but please stay away from obvious conspiracies/not news sites (like Alex Jones, for example. I like him, too, but he’s not news.)
  • You may also use links to government websites or press releases from official

*********************2 paragraphs are required, with an article to support it on a topic in Chapter 6. Below is the link to the book we are using along with the username and password. **********************

Username: abarnes54

Password: Nicole 14


Section 6.2 of the text discusses bias in the media. Donald Trump recently accused Google, Facebook and Twitter of suppressing conservative news and promoting negative stories about him. The article discusses the role of companies in mediating political news. “The companies are likely being sincere when they say they’re not politically biased. The source of their bias is strictly commercial.”…

In 6.1 the text discusses what is considered newsworthiness. Newsworthiness seems to depend on such factors as novelty, drama and human interest, relevance to the lives of Americans, high stakes, and celebrity. In this article, they discuss how Trump’s White house is creating “too much drama” and is “distracting” the country from more serious issues. That would also tie in chapter 6.3 with the issue of priming. We see day after day a new article of the drama that comes with out of the white house, to where that becomes our main focus, instead of the bigger issues. This article discusses that we need to stop worrying about the short term issues with the White house issues and focus on the long term issues. Unfortunately drama is what is more newsworthy.…

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