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Important Notes : 1) use simple and clear language. 2) Avoid Plagiarism. 3) follow all the instructions precisely. use the book chapter attached below

JS Mill Discussion

John Stuart Mill-Utilitarianism

1. Explain John Stuart Mill’s Ethical Theory, commonly called “Utilitarianism” (sometimes summed up as choosing “the greatest good for the greatest number of people”). How does he expand on Jeremy Bentham’s views. How is this fundamentally different from Kant’s “Deontological Ethics?”

2. Given this view of “Utilitarianism,” which seems to suggest that the end justifies the means, and further, that human beings are NOT ends in themselves, what would he say about those who are “differently abled?” (either emotionally, mentally, or physically handicapped) Watch and Respond to the question after watching the following video: DEAR FUTURE MOM March 21 World Down Syndrome Day #DearFutureMom (Links to an external site.)

3. Finally, what would Utilitarianism bring to your own research that you are working on for your final research paper and presentation ( I work on the Job Police officer and ethics of off-duty ?

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