Spark Discussion: What Does It Mean to Be a Counselor?

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Spark Discussion: What Does It Mean to Be a Counselor?

When you first considered counseling as a career path, what did you imagine it would be like? You may not have asked yourself that question yet. Now is the time to consider what your future career might be like on a day-to-day basis.

Imagine these details: the clients you see yourself helping, the location of your workspace, the coworkers you interact with, and how you might become an advocate and agent of social change. With this clear picture in mind, you can better prepare yourself for developing the skills and professional identity of a mental health counselor.

For this Spark Discussion, contemplate the details described in the paragraph above (and feel free to go beyond them—the sky’s the limit), and prepare to share your vision for your future as a mental health counselor.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Course Introduction and Syllabus.
  • As you prepare for this Spark Discussion, keep in mind that your focus should be professional and not personal in nature.
  • Consider your motivations for becoming a counselor.
  • Imagine that you have completed your Master’s program and you have become a fully licensed mental health counselor.

By Day 3

Post the following:

  • Describe your motivation for becoming a counselor.
  • Describe your vision for your future role as a counselor. Include as many details as possible, including
    • the clients you will counsel;
    • how you are helping them change;
    • the setting where you will counsel; and
    • how you will serve as an agent for social change.
  • Feel free to go beyond these questions if additional details emerge for you.

Read your colleagues’ postings and respond if you wish.

Note: Spark Discussions are intended to generate ideas and spark thoughts before you review the week’s Learning Resources or begin your Assignments. Therefore, no APA citations of Learning Resources are required for your Spark posts. For this reason, your responses may be briefer than a regular Discussion post. A response post to your colleagues is not required, although you are welcome to respond if you choose.

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