The Balance of Justice

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Deterrence is used in each philosophy. Deterrence is the philosophy of prevention. The sentence is a warning to others. The use of deterrence is for the defendant and the public. Incapacitation is the idea if the defendant is incarcerated, they will not reoffend. These goals are included in the use of each philosophy of sentencing. The question is does the use of a plea bargain aid or hinder the balance of justice.

The assignment is:

  1. You are to write a five(5) page paper in APA format discussing the philosophy of sentencing. Do we sentence to protect society or to change the defendant?
  2. What is the role of deterrence in sentencing?
    3. Does the punishment reflect the degree of harm done by the defendant? Does the punishment reflect the needs of the defendant or public safety concerns?
  3. Which philosophy do you believe is the most effective form of sentencing? What are your reasons for the philosophical choice you made?

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