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It has been said that once you leave home, you can never return. In Laura Esquivel’s novel, Like Water for Chocolate, all three daughters leave home and return. However, the impacts of leaving and returning are different for each young woman. What makes the difference? Have you been profoundly impacted by leaving your home (parent’s home, community, home country) and returning? If so, what made the difference for you and allowed you to grow?

Note: You are expected to write a well thought out response of at least 2 paragraphs. Please keep in mind that this is not a text or Tweet. As such, you should spell out words and write using complete sentences. If you can, make connections between the novel and the short stories.

I want you to rewrite my experience and impact to connect it to the story

So my impact is:

I’m an international student, I love arts in all kinds, I used to live in Saudi Arabia and now I in United States for college. At first my goal was to get my architecture degree and then go home and start working. However coming to the US had changed me a lot opened my eyes more on things I couldn’t see. The first impact I was expecting oh going to college normal life I wake start my day with breakfast and go to my classes. But no It has a lot of temptation, I struggled a lot emotionally physically I cried a lot laughed a lot But I love it. And that changed my goal instead of going home I wanted to work in a different country start from 0 and not only relying on my architecture major to be the only goal. Coming here made me appreciate the struggles the experiences and that giving up isn’t an option, with all those I want to combine these things and the architecture designing skills to make many types of art like digital visuals and fashion.

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