Food Service Operations

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You work as a planner in strategic acquisitions for Marriott Corporation. You and your colleagues work on developing growth plans that senior executives use for consideration in small and large chain acquisition strategy. Marriott has grown in recent years by acquiring chains that allow it to gain market share in areas it might have been perceived as under-represented in. In evaluating growth opportunities your team drafts a memo for your supervisors that describes the brands Marriott currently operates that offer on-site dining options. Your portion of the memo outlines all of the properties in terms of the dining options associated with each brand so your supervisors can understand which growth opportunities may exist on the food side of brand growth.

  • Research Marriott Corporation’s eight luxury brands and the main on-property, non-room service dining options each offers and draft your portion of the memo which outlines them.
  • For the outline of properties and dining options, provide descriptions of the concepts and service styles common amongst each of the eight luxury brands
  • 2000-2500 words; professional memorandum format
  • File upload, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins
  • Limited spelling and grammatical errors

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