Psychology of Stress Midterm Part 2 Short Answer Questions

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PART 2 SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS- 36 points (12 points each). Write a minimum of 180 words (well-chosen and relevant ones!) on THREE of the following short-answer questions. Cite sources and include a reference list.

1) Describe the roles that ANY FOUR of the following play in stress and its pathways:

a) hypothalamus

b) hippocampus

c) endocrine system

d) autonomic nervous system

e) cardiovascular system

f) immune system

2) Define ANY FOUR of the following and explain the physiological mechanisms by which EACH can be affected by stress:

a) stroke

b) coronary heart disease

c) ulcers

d) migraine headaches

e) cancer

f) allergies/asthma/hay fever

3) Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk “How to make stress your friend” (see Week 6 content) makes a unique argument regarding coping with stress. Summarize her main points. Discuss the positives of her argument, and identify at least 3 questions or concerns you have after listening to her perspective.

4) Explain why high employee participation in organizational problem-solving and other activities can help in managing occupational stress. Provide an example of a situation where this would be the case.

5) Assume that you have been hired to be in charge of assistance (in adjustment to their school life) to 8 year old children from single-parent and reconstituted families. Identify three important pieces of research knowledge regarding these children, and explain how you might address these areas.

6) Imagine you have a friend who is working full time, going to school full time, and has young children (ok, it could be you yourself that you are “imagining”). He/she used to be in good physical shape and wants to be again, but bemoans that he/she is too busy and too worn out to exercise.

In one paragraph, present information to convince him/her that exercise is crucial to stress management and to a healthy lifestyle. In the next two paragraphs, provide a realistic plan for regular exercise tailored to that individual’s situation. Include specific, concrete steps and rewards to get them started and maintain the exercise regime.

PART 3 ESSAY QUESTIONS 40 points (20 points for each question). Choose TWO of the following three questions. Keep this brief and to the point. Write about 3 paragraphs on each of the two you choose Cite sources and include a reference list.

1) Describe the psychological steps that one goes through from encountering a potential stressor up to managing it effectively. Illustrate the steps with concrete examples,

2) Select THREE of the following minority groups, and discuss what are some unique stressors that group faces and what are some indications (include statistics, if possible) that they are under more strain than others. Also, identify at least one advantage that group has in dealing with the added stressors:

a) African-American males

b) African-American females

c) Latino males

d) Latino females

e) Gay men

f) Lesbians

g) Asian Americans

h) Homeless

i) Elders

j) Religious minorities

k) immigrants

l) Any other minority you wish to discuss

3) Explain what primary prevention intervention means for organizational stress management.

Consider some stressful aspects of your workplace and/or job, and discuss two primary prevention interventions (one related to the changing the tasks themselves and the other related to how people are organized to work together on the tasks) that could help prevent stressful situations from occurring.

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