roject-based learning and makerspaces

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Purpose: The goal of this paper is to highlight similarities and differences between project-based learning and makerspaces and how they might be implemented in an educational setting.

Requirements:Write a 1500 – 2000 word paper (excluding citations). The paper must be in APA format, including citations. The document must address the following:

1. Project-based learning and makerspaces are both tightly connected with constructionism. Yet they are distinctly different environments. Using readings from the course and your own research provide brief summaries of project-based learning and makerspaces. (200 – 400 words)

2. Building on your summary of each, discuss the similarities and differences between these environments. Specifically, project-based learning has a long history of being incorrectly attributed to environments that simply have students engage in a project. Be sure to highlighting important features that must be in place in order for the environment to be engaging in project-based learning and how this may be similar or different from makerspaces. (600-800 words)

3. Citing evidence from the course readings and your own research, provide an example of how and why you might leverage one, or both, of these types of environments in an educational setting. You may choose to use an actual example from your experience or you may come up with a completely hypothetical example. Regardless, your goal is to provide the reader with a convincing argument for how this environment might be applied in support of specific instructional outcomes. (700-800 words)

While your paper should be organized to address these topics it should not be separated into sections. The paper should include transitions from topic to topic and read as a single, well-organized paper.

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