The Cherokee Indian Community

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This paper is very important to the project as a whole. Now that you
have your community you need to find out what the harm is that you plan
to address. If you think of the Titanic and the small piece of iceberg
sticking out of the water, remember it was not the tip of the iceberg
that sank the Titanic. What sank the Titanic was the iceberg under the
water as well as mistakes made in the design and sailing of the craft.
We are looking for the underlining issues that cause the harm. That is
what you need to articulate in this paper.

Using statistics, research, charts, graphs, maps, victim
profiles, interviews, etc., you will show what the harm is in great
detail. You will also include, if relevant, the following: time, date,
location, type of crime, etc.

There are many sources for the information you need for this
report. They include the Internet, police data, Neighborhood Watch
groups, local real estate agents, court data, probation data,
corrections data, and the list goes on. Think outside of the box. Use a
minimum of four sources as references.

Once you have determined the harm you want to address, using the
data described above put together a two to three page paper explaining
the harm. The issue needs to be supported by the data. Keep in mind that
your next assignment will use this data to develop a crime prevention

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