800-1000 MLA Format Essay for College English Class

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Prompt: There are always many explanations and reasons for why things are the way they are. Some are based on solid logic, evidence, research and facts. Others are based on fears, prejudice, emotions and the all too often “blame game”. A good Cause and Effect Essay creates a solid argument based upon a great deal of logos (research, facts, information), some pathos (showing the motivations behind the actions and why the audience should care) and even ethos (the morality behind what was done and where we should go from here). For your essay choose one topic and create a cause and effect argument about it. Explain why something is the way it is and what led to it being that way. This can be positive, negative or both. (See the example below).

Word Count: 800-1,000 Words in MLA Format.

Works Cited: Five Sources in MLA format.

Rough Draft Due: March 15, 2017

Final Draft Due: March 29, 2017

An example thesis for this essay could be:

FIFA and the World Soccer Federation are in a huge transition and overhaul over the scandal of widespread corruption, criminality and injustice for teams, players and the organization as a whole. This has happened because of the multiple reports, arrests, lawsuits and media attention across the globe. A variety of factors and individuals led FIFA to where it is today. These are…

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