Argument: Video games do not affect young children’s behavior

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  1. Limit the argument to a single, assertive thesis
  2. Provide evidence to support your view
  3. Focus on a specific question to pursue
  4. Be clear and on one side of the argument
  5. Address counter-arguments to your side (your opposition)
  6. Refute the opposition with logic and evidence
  7. Be fair to the opposition
  8. Make clear transitions and have clear organization
  9. Persuade the reader why this issue is important with ethos, pathos, and logos
  10. Win your argument
  11. No fallacies


1 newspaper

1 academic journal / peer-review

2 Site: edu or Site: gov (one of these must be from the greater Internet)

2 your choice (open)

= 6 total sources

You may go beyond the minimum

Visual aid requirement:

one chart or graph (with proper MLA citation)

Length: 1,500 words minimum (do not exceed 2,500)

Grammar proficient

MLA proficient

required = Works Cited

Third person only

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