Behavioral Health Mobile Van

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  1. Proposed Product, facility, entity, or service (due at the end of Week 6)

Describe, in detail, the proposed product, facility, entity or service. What would it do? For whom? Who would own it? Would there be implementation challenges? Please review the attachment first to understand the background, the introduction, and the environmental and organizational assessment. Be creative. Think of a name for the organization. Utilize references and research online about similar product – BH/SA mobile health van. The service area is Baltimore City (please be specific on an area/areas in baltimore city that might need the services the most). Clientele – Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Uninsured (please see about funding/grants that can be used). The one who would own will be a health system (select a health system that could own it (not Johns Hopkins) and how that would be set up and organized. the attachments goes over the services that will be rendered- please discuss in the paper but be more detailed. Also, cite good references.

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