TOPIC: Internship Toolkit – Advanced Strategies for Moving Ahead & Widening the Context Discussion Overview

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From the below, choose a question that you can best relate to and/or ideally one that is most relevant to your site. Respond to one question making sure to draw strongly on the content from both chapters assigned for this week to make explicit, informed, and relevant connections between your reflection and the text.

Please ensure that your initial post is at least 500 words.


  1. Thinking of issues raised in chapter 8, what tools are in your personal toolkit that you have used in past employment or internships that you have been successfully using this time? Which of your personal tools have not been useful this time around? Where are the places you need to add to your “strengths toolbox”?
  2. What are the challenges with practicing critical reflection? What metacognitive processes do not come naturally to you? Insights covered in chapter 8 will come handy as you respond.
  3. How has reading chapter 9 made a difference in the way you think about communities, the public relevance of the work of the organization, and the social obligations of the professionals to them? How has reading this chapter affected your perspective of the site and its social contract with the community? How has it affected your understanding of civic professionalism and the use of practical reasoning by its professionals?
  4. What are the challenges of analyzing organizations using the various system lenses and frames discussed in chapter 9?

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