Fleet Management Assignment

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The future of the owner-operator in the Irish haulage industry.

For this assignment I want to be like this

Introduction: Chapter 1 – Background (200 worlds)

Main body: (1000 words +/- 10%)

Chapter 2 – Irelands road haulage current situation + Problems with the shortage of drivers due to age etc. (statistics are important) (350 words)

Chapter 3 – Connecting the possible solution which is the driverless HGVs + examples of where driverless HGVs took place + ADVANTAGES and benefits of such a system + Disadvantages and difficulty of such a system + How such a system would be controlled within a fleet management/operator. (650 words)

Conclusion: (200 words +/- 10%)

Chapter 4 – The ability of such a system in Ireland + results and finding

Reference list


English british pleass

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