7 to 10 literature review for the paper you started for me

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I just got the professor feedback and comments and I want you to fix it then start part 2 of this paper which is the literature review and I will make a new bid for the next part for you.

I need a good price and please give me a discount. This is the first draft only and after receiving the comments I will need you to edit it and put a new bid to edit it then work on part 3 of the paper which is the methods and abstract. Then the final part I will make another bid to you to review and edit all the paper and fix the comments.

attached you can find the original paper and a picture for the comments on the paper and here is the final comment:

You are off to a great start. The main issue is that you need to narrow your focus. I have included comments within the attachment. I very much appreciated your adherence to APA style in terms of the title page and the references. This was great!

The second part is :

1.The literature review should be about 7 to 10 pages, with a minimum of 15 articles cited.

2.The focus of a literature review is on reviewing original research that has been published in peer-reviewed, academic journals. A second focus is on explaining how the research is related to the theoretical literature. Both the research literature and the theoretical literature should be primary sources. Secondary sources are not acceptable for this paper. This should be a critical analysis of the literature, identifying the gaps in the literature, and lead to the needs for your research.

3.The literature review should include a theoretical framework, which is the theory you will be using to guide your research.

4.The literature review ends with a statement of purpose for the research and your specific research questions.

5.If you are replicating and extending a previous study, describe the original work and explain your rationale for the replication and extension.

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