Case study: Season Ticket No-Shows An Attendance Dilemma at Mississippi State Baseball Games

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Develop at least 3 strategies to move more fans up the marketing escalator related to the number of games they attend, with the goal of increasing the actual attendance in the grandstand.

Additionally, detail how you would manage the following opportunities and challenges as outlined in the case study:

1. Game Day Promotion (this is were you will ad your 3 strategies)

Stragtegy 1

Stragtegy 2

‘Stragtegy 3

2. Game Pace

3. Ticket Advance

4. Lifetime and Memorial Seating

This paper should be 4-6 pages not including the cover page and the reference page. APA style

reference: Morse,A. (2013). Season ticket holder no-show. AAn attendance dilemma at Mississippi State baseball games. Champaign, Il: Human Kinetics

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