The Truth about Addiction

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The Truth about Addiction. Join our guest speaker on Oct 8 from 1-2pm at the WOLD Auditorium (smaller room) or…

If you are unable to attend this program, you are to choose a video presentation of 45 min- 1 hour in length, about addiction of some kind. Some ideas might be: A 20/20 special or Dateline special on alcohol or drug abuse, cigarette addiction, FLAKKA, hoarding behavior, etc. and write a 2 page reflection essay on that presentation.

Please be sure to answer the following questions:

1) What were the main points of this presentation?

2) What surprised you the most?

3) How does this relate to Human Behavior from a psychological, criminal justice or political science point of view?

4) How did this impact you from a personal or professional point of view?

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