Theology: Provide an interpretation/analysis of the book of Job, the book of Ecclesiastes, or the book of Tobit

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Reflection Essay 5:

Wisdom Literature and the Problem of Suffering:

Job, Ecclesiastes, Tobit

Requirements: 3 page, double-spaced, 12-point TNR or similar font response/reflection on the readings and the material presented in class.

Prompt: Choose one of the books we are considering in class (Job, Ecclesiastes, Tobit), and provide a detailed interpretation/analysis of the book and its message. In particular, how does the book deal with the issue of suffering? What message(s) do you take away from the book? In conclusion, you might reflect on how the book you chose relates to the other two books in this mini-unit, and/or to the rest of the OT/Bible more generally.

As always, work with the text! Use a lot of quotes!

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