Women’s Movement Timeline

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This assignment has two parts:

1. create your timeline

2. timeline essay

Timeline of Events

Create a timeline that covers at least six major events of the women’s movement. They can be within a relatively short timeframe (spanning just a few years), or a very long time frame (spanning a couple of centuries). It is entirely up to you! You can find templates for timelines online, or you create your own timeline in Word (Click on Insert, choose Illustrations, SmartArt for templates). For each event you select, you should also include a footnote that explains more details about the event. Make sure to also include a reference page to cite your sources.

Timeline Essay

Along with the timeline you created, write a 500-600 word essay that explainshow each of these events has contributed to the overall success of the women’s movement. You also should include a discussion of why you thought these events were important enough to include on your timeline. Finally you should discuss how each of these events in your timeline are interrelated. For example, you may write about how one event led into the next, and so on, or you may write about how one very significant event led to the others. The way that you describe the interrelatedness of these events is up to you, but you must demonstrate that you understand how interconnected they are.

Your essay will be graded on content, analytical technique, and compositional

expertise, with a focus on grammar and appropriate tone and style. Give your paper a

descriptive title to highlight your topic and engage the reader. Papers should conform to

the traditional three-part essay form, consisting of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Create an introductory paragraph that catches your reader’s attention, states the topic/issue, and clearly articulates your thesis. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that relates to and develops your thesis and is supported with facts, details, and examples based on your research. In the concluding paragraph, summarize the points made in the body of your paper and draw a new and original conclusion. based on the information contained in your paper. Essay should be formatted in either MLA or APA format.

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