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Module # 2, Assignment# 1

For this assignment, provide two detailed written scenarios. Feel free to make up any scenario details you would like. The first should provide and discuss an example of unprofessional behavior and the second should be about professional behavior. Explain why the behavior in the scenario is either unprofessional or professional and what is good or bad within each.

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Module # 2, Assignment# 2

Communication is big part of professionalism. Work communication (written and spoken) should always be professional. For this assignment, draft a formal (work related) and informal (to a friend or family member) email. Feel free to choose the topic of each message. Your emails should be at least 4-5 sentences each.

In addition, write a one to two paragraph response explaining the differences and similarities between the two. Would you use the formal voice found in a work email when sending a message to a friend or vice-versa? Why or why not? How does professional written communication compare to professional verbal and/or nonverbal communication?

Submit your sample emails and comparison paragraph(s) for credit.

Assignment Rubric



Length is in compliance with the assignment instructions and/or is appropriate for a college-level paper.

5.0 pts

Assignment is in proper format in compliance with instructions given (APA, numbered responses, etc.) and sources are cited, where applicable.

5.0 pts

Assignment has been proofread for clarity and is free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

10.0 pts

All questions and/or parts of the assignment have been completed thoroughly.

40.0 pts

Responses demonstrate understanding and competency of assignment objectives.

40.0 pts

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